M1 Airport Interchange 2003


Grafton Architects &
Roughan & O’Donovan Civil Engineers


In the mid-1990s the motorway network in Ireland expanded dramatically. The airport interchange is one of a series of intersections along the M1 motorway which connects Dublin to Northern Ireland. Designed by Grafton Architects and Roughan & O’Donovan, it presents itself as great elliptical grass basin, an amphitheatrical space divided by the motorway. The unification of opposites found here – in the evoking of a place within a system
of movement – is shared in the bridges whose facetted forms resemble the aerodynamic form of the tail of a jet aeroplane. In conveying the aspirations of air travel through the concrete heaviness of dealing with cuts in the ground, movement is expressed within the essentially static and elemental: all experienced in a state of distraction, at speed.


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